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Terms of Agreement - Notices, Updates and Addendums

The following terms are FastMesh Free Trial offerings. These terms are also contained in our General Terms and Conditions and agreed upon during account creation. Use of FastMesh service is conditional to these terms.
Free Trials - Terms and Conditions:
FASTMESH LLC may provide free trials of premium service plans at select locations. Only 1 free trial is allowed to each Customer; additional free trials may be offered only at the discretion of FASTMESH LLC. However, Customers who have created a FastMesh account at any time, whether that account is active or expired, are prohibited from making a free trial account. If a Customer is found to be creating multiple free trial accounts, exploiting the free trial system, or in any other way violating these terms, FASTMESH LLC may terminate that Customer's free trial account without providing notice. 
The standard free trial duration is 5 days after account creation. FASTMESH LLC may release free trials of different durations if deemed appropriate. Customers are not required to provide payment information to enroll in a free trial; there is no required fee when a free trial expires. At the end of the free trial duration, Customers are encouraged to renew their free trial account to a premium tier of service. Exact free trial details and account speeds vary based on location and service plan. Free trial Customers are NOT exempt from adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in the Agreement; by creating a free trial account the Customer agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement.
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