What is a MAC Address: 

A MAC Address is a unique address assigned to your device used to access wireless networks. It consists of 12 letters and numbers. "MAC" stands for "Media Access Control"

Here are two MAC Address examples : 




Where you may find your device's MAC Address:

In order to find the MAC Address, you first need select to settings on your device. 

Once you are in the settings, select:

About or General or Network Settings or Network Info or About Device or Device Status or Advanced Settings 

Here is an example of where to find the MAC address of a Smart TV :


1. General settings and then go to "About This TV" or "About This Device"


2. Go to "TV Information"

or "Device Information"


3. Look for the

"Wireless MAC Address"

How to setup your device for Auto Login using the MAC Address:


1. Login using your FastMesh Username and Password


2. Scroll down to Automatic Login and Type your device’s name

3. Manually type in the MAC Address and select ADD


4. You should see the added device listed on the right side of the box

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