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Astound Broadband and FastMesh FAQs


Astound Broadband has acquired FastMesh services in the areas of Washington and Oregon areas. To make the transition to Astound as easy as possible for our customers, below please find a list of FAQs you may be wondering about.   


Q. Why were these areas of FastMesh acquired?

Astound’s acquisition of FastMesh’s Washington and Oregon service areas will be joining the existing Astound Broadband powered by Wave systems in the Seattle and Portland areas.  Our robust fiber-rich network assets will allow us to deliver even more communications services to FastMesh customers, offering both residential and business customers new products and services to enhance the suite of products FastMesh already offers.  Our immediate focus will be on continued excellence and customer service support. We also expect to leverage the best practices that we offer today from our family of companies to continue to provide current FastMesh customers with the best services possible after a short transition from FastMesh to Astound is completed.


Q: Who is Astound Broadband?

Astound Broadband is an award-winning broadband communications company that offers a full suite of internet, wireless, and mobile services for residential and business customers though its state-of-the-art, high-capacity, hybrid fiber-optic network.  Since its launch, Astound has offered customers a real choice in communications services.  Astound currently delivers fast Gig internet up to 1.5Gbps, and is backed by outstanding customer and technical support nationwide.


Q:  What does this mean for current FastMesh customers?

Our highest priority is continued customer satisfaction, and that includes taking care of FastMesh’s loyal base of customers.  Following a short transition, Astound expects to continue to build enhanced communications products and services for FastMesh Customers. Astound’s capital and resources will support an accelerated growth of the existing fiber network and related services. 


Q:  Will there be any changes to the services provided or changes to customer support?

All existing services and customer support will continue without interruption. Astound will begin communicating with you under the Astound Brand beginning November 1, 2023. During this time, you will continue to receive the same quality services that you have enjoyed from FastMesh.  If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance. 


Q:  How long before FastMesh customers see the benefit of this acquisition?

We are committed to integrating current FastMesh customers as quickly as possible into the Astound family so that customers have access to an innovative and broader set of products and services in the future.  Our goal is to provide current FastMesh customers with top-notch communications services for Internet, Mobile Service , and customer support.


Q: Will my existing Internet services change as a result of this acquisition?

Your existing services will not immediately change.  Astound is committed to ensuring a seamless transition of existing FastMesh customers to Astound. 


Q. Will my Internet Speeds change?

We do not currently have any plans to make any changes to your services at this time beyond the name of the product. 


Q: Will Astound taking over FastMesh cause my current package prices to go up or down?

We are committed to giving customers the best value and service.  Our long-term focus will be geared towards introducing new offers featuring greater value and convenience for FastMesh Customers. Current package prices will remain the same and, if any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance


Q:  Will FastMesh customers receive bills from Astound?

At this time, FastMesh customers will not receive monthly statements, but may in the future. We will communicate any changes in advance.  For now, payments should continue to be made the same way they are today using the FastMesh customer portal.  You will notice that this portal will have a new look with Astound branding beginning February 1, 2024.


Q:  Will there be any changes to customer support?

We will maintain the same level of support you have been enjoying. In the future, you will have access to Astound’s 24/7 award-winning customer care which will provide broader support hours.  We’ll be in touch soon with details of when that change will take place.  


Q: What number do I call for support?

You will continue to call the numbers you have been calling. For Customer Service, Billing or Service, please call:


Oregon:   503.893.8638

Washington: 206.317.4336


Q. Where do I send my payment?

You will continue to use the current payment portal that you use today. 


Q. Do I need to change my autopay?

No, you do not need to do anything with your autopay.  It will process on your scheduled date.  No need to change or contact your bank/credit card company. You will notice that your receipt will change from FastMesh to Astound Pwrd by Wave.



Q:  What does this mean for FastMesh business partners?

We have a best-in-class network of partners and look forward to welcoming FastMesh’s partners to our network. Partners will realize several benefits as Astound expands on FastMesh’s existing capabilities in the long-term, including the addition of advanced product offerings.

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